I am a nature and art lover. The emotions that I feel when I am on contact with birds, wild flowers, fragrances and cycles of nature have always been the Path to reconnect with the child full of wonder that I’ve ever been. In the same way, shapes and colors in paintings, sculptures and drawings have always nourished the seeker of Absolute who I am. 

Even as a child I was aware of another dimension, different from the one that the adults presented me as « The Reality ». Picture books and comic books which I loved allowed me to access this Wonderland which was alive within me. Thank you to The Smurfs, Tintin and so many other heroes for waking up my right brain!

Years later after having spent some time working on my own emotional wounds, I returned to this Wonderland with the intention of helping and healing others. Chris Wollaerts, an energy healer (Alsemberg, Belgium) initiated me into the world of subtle energy and healing.

After feeling transformed by reading « Hands of Light » and « Light Emerging » by Barbara Brennan, I decided to sign up for the four-year training program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the USA (Florida, barbarabrennan.com). For the first time I could find answers to some of my questions about « the invisible world » that were filtered through the screen of the scientific approach (Dr Brennan is a physicist who had worked at the NASA).

I spent four extraordinary years at that school, where we were taught healing techniques but were in addition required to do deep personal and group process work. The « psycho-energetic » approach was inspired amongst other disciplines by Core Energetics and The Pathwork (based on the works of Wilhem Reich, John and Eva Pierrakos and Susan Thesenga et al.)

More recently in 2016 I was allowed to join the medical team of a palliative cares unit of a French hospital (Yvelines). I was an integral part of the team of nurses, doctors and a psychologist and was free to use my healing skills to support the patients. It was an unforgettable and transformative experience. I wish that soon the energy healer will be integrated in multidisciplinary teams, and everyone will learn from the other,  focused to give more and more love and humanity to the patients in the crucial times of their life.


  • Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner, Barbara Brennan School of Healing (FL, USA, 2016)
  • Nadiki Certificate (Healing),  Chris Wollaerts, Alsemberg, Belgique (2010)
  • Art Historian, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgique, 2002)
  • Agricultural Engineer, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgique, 1993)