My experience with Frederic as a healer was deeply nourishing.  His ability to create a very safe emotional space allowed me to connect with some painful aspects of my inner life in a way that there was no judgment, no pressure to make a change – just the sense that all parts of me were accepted, and through this acceptance, I could feel a welcome inner relief.  He is a compassionate and skilled healer, and I recommend him with great respect. 

Lianna, Langley, Washington, U.S.A.


Frédéric is a true healer. He radiates truth, compassion and deep humility.

He holds ancient wisdom and transmits it in a down-to-earth and heart-centred way.

Frédéric holds a special gift in how he honours the feminine. He shows deep respect and reverence to this aspect of our being and it has been very healing for me to receive this level of holding from a man. While Frédéric hold great depth, he is also super fun and playful. He knows how to laugh and enliven the creative spirit. I have received a lot of inspiration by witnessing Frederic walk through the world with huge courage and honesty. He is not afraid to ask questions, stand in integrity and then receive others with kindness and love. He displays deep emotional maturity and is someone who is truly dedicated to his continued growth and soul evolution. I know that any being who receives the gift of being held in Frederic’s presence will encounter great safety, sweetness and deep presence! I, myself have been blessed to receive healings from this unique and powerful being over the past 5 years.


Stephanie, Ireland