Energy healing is an effective practice that can complement a medical or psychological treatment.

Healing Therapy treats health with a multi-dimensional approach.  It is referred to as holistic because it reaches many aspects of our being: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Physical pain is seen as the manifestation of a much deeper pain or wound that affects all those levels.

In a healthy physical, emotional and mental body, Life Energy flows in a balanced way. Pain and suffering originates in blocked areas of the Human Energy Field where the natural Life Energy Flow is impeded.

My healing practice helps to dissolve these blockages and to reach a state of greater peace and wellbeing, not only during the healing session, but in your greater life experience.

As your body and mind relax you can see the world in a more positive way. You naturally feel more inclined to change what isn’t working, and what is unconsciously blocked.  I can facilitate this process for you while working with you at your own pace.  Healing wounds gently can take take some time, but it is essential to regaining creative power.  Together we can tackle your inner obstacles, which in turn will help you face life’s unavoidable challenges.

While you are reading this,  focus on how your body feels, on your emotions and your inner voice. It is a useful first step.  The body has a wealth of information to offer us, but we often tend to not listen.  I invite you to allow your body to resume its primary role as it can become your best friend.